Radon Done Right, LLC is licensed to mitigate radon in air as well as radon in water. Additionally, we are licensed to test for both radon in air and water. In my opinion, it is a conflict of interest to test and then offer mitigation services. For that reason I focus my efforts on mitigation and leave the testing to be done by other professionals. You can find a certified tester on this list or visit MEchips to find a list of professionals that would be happy to help. We offer a free site evaluation to meet with you, go over the details of your project, and most importantly, give you installation options. Visit both Radon Air Techniques and Radon Water Techniques to see how and why our techniques work.

Together we can design a system that will both be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We are often asked about the range of our service area. We service most of Maine and many parts of New Hampshire. Since it is not appropriate to list every city and town in which we do work, the image below represents our service area for the State of Maine.