Maine’s Rental Housing Laws

Rental Housing Radon Testing

State of Maine Public Law, Chapter 278 LD 943, item 1, 124th Maine State Legislature An Act To Reduce Lung Cancer Rates In Maine was signed by Governor Baldacci on 8 June 2009. In brief this new law (effective September 12, 2009) required that by the year 2012 all rented or leased residential structures be tested for radon in air.

Another Public Law 157 LD 1048 has been enacted and took effect in September 2011, An Act to Delay Implementation of the Rental Housing Radon Testing Requirement. In brief the deadline for testing has been extended to March 1, 2014. The testing must be done by a State of Maine registered radon testing company, we suggest contacting a testing professional from MeCHIPS for all your testing needs. Test results of 4 pCi/L or higher must be mitigated by a State of Maine registered mitigation contractor from this) list.

The amended version is Title 14 Chapter 710 (scroll down to pages 15 & 16 and note the highlighted text).

14 §6030-D

  • 1. Testing requirements
  • 1-A. Short-term Rentals exceptions
  • 2. Notification requirements
  • 3. Mitigation requirements

I will keep you posted as Maine laws continue to develop and change regarding this matter. Questions should be directed to: Bob Stilwell, Radon Section Leader, Maine Radon Control Program 1-800-232-0842