Info for Builders - UPDATE

These rules (#2008-P148 & #98-P) which were before the Manufactured Housing Board passed on 3 September 2008 with some modifications. These rules affect only the manufacturing process of modular homes, not the foundation or other “on-site” work. You can view a summary here Manufactured Housing Board. More information is available here. Scroll down to 02_385 Manufactured Housing Board Ch. 110 and Ch. 380. Interestingly there is no mention of radon in water in either of the above. Any time a new home is constructed with a drilled well for a water source I would think it prudent to incorporate the readiness measures for the vent piping of a radon in water system as well.

On 24 April 2008 Maine Governor John Baldacci signed bill LD 2257 mandating a new building and energy code for Maine effective 1 January, 2010. The new code  includes the ASTM E 1465 Standard Practice for Radon Control Options for the Design and Construction of New Low-Rise Residential Buildings.A copy is available at

Here is another web site with valuable information on radon in water, radon in water abatement systems, and radon in air. Special thanks to well known radon expert Bill Brodhead, and my teacher at Rutgers University, for his extensive contributions in the field of radon mitigation and for the information in his web site.

This page will be updated with the latest developments as they become available, last updated on 26 January, 2012.